Mac Baren Mixture 3.5oz

Item: 2MBMI

Scottish Blend

The loose cut tobacco in Mixture is light sweet Virginia. One of the secrets behind the special pleasure that Mixture provides is that pressed Virginia and Burley tobaccos have been added but they are broken up prior to being blended with the rest of the secret ingredients. The breaking up of the pressed tobaccos makes it easier to fill your pipe while giving Mixture the added advantage of burning slowly. In addition to the best Virginia and Burley tobaccos there is another component that makes Mixture unique. The loose cut Mac Baren Original Cavendish provides the final special touch. Contrasting the light Virginia tobacco Original Cavendish is not only a joy to look at it also gives Mixture the final nuance of taste that completes the blend. The carefully balanced aromatic top flavour together with the tobacco leaves makes Mixture a unique blend.